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So, you’re interested in SharpSpring?

We are partners with SharpSpring which means we can offer you:

Client Discount

A substantial monthly discount on the SharpSpring platform.

More Contacts

Access to twice the number of database contacts at each tier.

Cheaper Onboarding

A heavily reduced on-off onboarding rate to help get you started.

Technical Support

Complementary setup of technical aspects of the platform.

This means you get even more out of SharpSpring at a better price!

Why Sharpspring? show me the cost

What’s the catch? There isn’t any. 

As an agency we work directly with SharpSpring and we get a better rate than if you bought directly. This means we can offer a discount as well as double the number of contacts that you could get if you bought direct. The reason is simple, working with a SharpSpring partner who has the training, experience and technical skills means you will get the most out of the software and be a much happier with your experience.

e-CBD is a boutique digital agency with a long history (20+ years) of exceptional service to small and medium businesses. We know what it takes to succeed online and we want to help you get there. This is why we want to offer this deal on the SharpSpring platform. Plus, if you need help with internet marketing or website design, we can help too so you can keep all your digital under the one roof.

Why SharpSpring?

The formula is straightforward. SharpSpring helps you:

1. Increase Your Leads

Up to 451% - just think about what a 20% increase in quality leads would do for your business.

2. Drive Sales

With a clear sales pipeline, lead scoring, follow up reminders, reports and a whole load of other sales features you ratchet up your sales in a scalable way.

3.Improve Marketing ROI

If you find yourself asking “Which elements of my marketing is directly improving my revenue” then you need SharpSpring.

These three core elements help to fine tune your business’ marketing and sales to help it and its’ revenue grow. No tricks, just a system that works.

What's the cost?

Below is a breakdown comparison of the different tiers to use the SharpSpring palatform as of April 2019.

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Is SharpSpring A Good Fit?

The best way to find out is to book a free strategy session so we can talk about your businesses goal and needs. 

Strategy session can be done over the phone (using FREE and easy to use screen sharing software) or you can come to our offices in Southport.

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